EDUC8theWORLD and its partners believes every person should develop their capacity for three things:

Agency: capacity for a person to critique and transform any given environment.
— Rosalyn Robinson Collins
Critical Thinking: an ability to participate in objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form appropriate biased judgment.
— Carlton Robert Collins
Empowerment: to give power or authority to; emass tools and strategies to increase your capacity to dictate one’s trajectory.
— Mario Chaunsey Cannon

EDUC8theWORLD has worked collectively to create curricula and design instructional tools that holistically advance a person's skill development. Our purpose is to ensure that each scholar we touch has the requisite emotional, mental, and professional tools to be successful.


Feed your mind

We believe that every person should place significant value on academic success and be dedicated to lifelong learning.



We believe that every person should know how to create their personal brand and utilize it for future gain and growth. 



We believe that every person should acknowledge that leadership equates to serving and uplifting their communities.


Leave A Mark

We believe that every person should use their life's work to sustain progress and leave those who follow an inheritance.